Do you supply other boutiques?

Yes, as a manufacturer, we have tremendous production capabilities.

Can we refer clients directly to your showroom?

Yes, we have a 5,000 ft2 showroom that is open to the public.

Are prices displayed in the showroom?

No, but don't hesitate to ask one of our experts for advice!

Are all your products available for resale?

Yes, and we also furnish plumbing fixtures and hardware.

Is it possible to use other suppliers than the established partners with whom
you deal already?

Yes, if the sought items are not available through our wide range of vendors, it will be our pleasure to contact a supplier who does offer the material in question.

Is it possible to have product samples?

Yes, we have hundreds of samples in the showroom. Pick out several and be inspired!

Do you sell kitchen and bathroom hardware?

Yes, we have a variety of handles, knobs, sinks and other quality accessories in your desired style.

What are slab sizes offered for kitchen and vanity countertops?

Quartz : 120 x 54 inches and 128 x 63 inches
Granite : 77 x 70 inches, 120 x 55 inches and 60 x 109 inches

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